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How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost in Australia?

With energy costs at an extremely high level and a return to cheap energy being most unlikely, many people are looking at double glazing as a means of reducing their energy bills. This is particularly relevant when double glazed windows and doors also offer increased security, a reduction in noise pollution and improved comfort levels in your home.

The cost of double glazed windows in Australia is typically 30-40% higher than for single glazed equivalents. This can be a deterrent to some people, especially those with limited budgets, but the benefits far outweigh the extra costs and so buying double glazed windows is an excellent investment. This is demonstrated by the fact that people who buy double glazed windows will never consider single glazed again.


How Much are Double Glazed Windows in Australia?

The double glazed windows cost in Victoria varies widely, ranging from $150 to $1,500 per square metre. However, the total cost of your installation will depend on several factors:

  • the size of your property and the number of windows you need
  • the size of each window, which affects the amount of material needed in terms of the glass and the frame
  • what type of glass you choose, since there are numerous specifications with different characteristics that affect the double glazed windows Melbourne cost
  • your choice of hardware from the wide variety of handles, frame materials and locking mechanisms that have different prices
  • the quality of materials used; cheap windows tend to be low quality, aren’t as effective and don’t last as long while high quality windows are a much better investment despite the higher price
  • whether any structural alterations are necessary, such as enlargement of the space to accommodate bigger windows or any necessary strengthening
  • frame colour and style, with a large number available to fit in with any property type
  • the location of your property since being in a remote area can affect the cost of double glazing in Australia
  • how easy your windows are to access since ground floor windows are generally no problem while those on upper floors may require the use of ladders or even the erection of scaffolding, which will add to the overall cost
  • the ease of removing existing windows.

The question of how much does double glazing cost therefore has no easy answer since there are so many factors that affect the final price. However, it is possible to break down costs into individual elements:

  • each double glazed pane can be $150-220 per square metre
  • aluminium framed windows can be anything from $150-1,250 per square metre while the more luxurious timber framed versions are $800-1,500 per square metre; newer UPVC framed windows are somewhere in between but have a lot to offer in terms of looks, ease of maintenance, effectiveness and long life
  • the rate for a glazier is typically $70-90 per hour although this will be avoided if you go for an installed cost.

What to Look for When Buying Double Glazed Windows

The average cost of installing double glazed windows is between $1,700 and $4,500 although, as stated previously, this will vary depending on several factors. The only way to really find out is to get quotations, which any reputable installer will provide for no cost and without any obligation to buy.

We always recommend that you obtain 3-4 quotations so that you can compare prices. However, it is a mistake to go purely on price because the cheapest is rarely the best. Instead, check:

  • what each supplier is providing in terms of products and service
  • the experience, knowledge and reputation of the supplier; look at reviews if possible
  • whether the supplier is fully certified and insured
  • if the offered windows are tested to Australian standards AS2047 and AS1288 since they need to be able to withstand the extreme conditions that can occur here
  • if the supplied UPVC frames contain titanium dioxide, which prevents fading by reflecting UV rays
  • that the quoted price includes everything and there will be no extra costs
  • what warranty is provided.

You need to engage a double glazing installer that you can trust to do the job and that will do it professionally and cost-effectively. And you need to be confident that the installer will be around in the future to provide assurance and after-sales service.

Ensuring you Get Value for Money

Very few people have limitless amounts of money and buying double glazing is a significant investment for most. So you do need to ensure that whatever you buy is affordable for you. However, we will never recommend that you choose your double glazing purely on price.

Irrespective of the cost of double glazing in Australia, it is an investment that will repay you in many ways. It will improve the comfort of your home by helping to maintain constant temperatures all year round, it will increase your property’s security and it will reduce noise from outside. It will also improve the appearance of your property, increase its value and save you money on energy bills, which will offset the initial cost.

Our UPVC windows are easy to maintain, and resistant to UV rays so they won’t fade, crack or otherwise deteriorate and will last for at least twenty years without needing to be replaced. They’re all of the highest quality, are available in a range of types and styles, and are custom-made for your property. We’ll provide all the help and advice you need and give a full and professional service that’s backed up by a long warranty. So, whatever the cost of your double glazing, you can be confident it will be a good investment at an affordable price. Contact us today for a no-obligation quotation.

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