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Types of uPVC Double Glazed Windows We Supply & Install

At Thermal Double Glazing, we’re focused on creating sustainable living spaces and comfortable homes. 

Our Australian-made double-glazed windows and doors feature the best of German innovation and engineering, in compliance with and exceeding Australian standards.

Casement & Awning Windows

Our casement (hinged from the side) and awning (hinged from the top) windows are versatile and can be made to suit any design. Ideal for maximising airflow into the home, uPVC double-glazed casement windows open outwards like a door. Awning windows, on the other hand, are hinged at the top but open outwards from the bottom, providing excellent sheltered ventilation, even during bad weather conditions.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a fantastic option for people looking to easily control the airflow in their home. These highly flexible European-style uPVC double-glazed windows offer both security and airflow with multiple functions and locking positions. Incredibly versatile, tilt & turn windows feature two opening options: at a simple turn of the handle, they tilt inwards from the top for ventilation and airflow, or open inwards like a door, for better airflow and easy cleaning. One window, many options

Sliding Windows

Ideal for rooms where space is limited, our uPVC double-glazed sliding windows are perfect for ensuring fresh airflow in places that prevent traditional inward or outward-opening windows. Multi-functional, these sliding windows save space while providing ventilation when open, and create energy efficiency when closed.

Timber Look Windows

Our industry-leading uPVC windows look even better with a beautiful timber finish, enhances the value of your home and adds both style and function. For homeowners who prefer timber-look windows but want to experience the full effects of double-glazing, we’re pleased to offer our special range of uPVC double-glazed windows with authentic timber finishing. Now you can maintain the warm natural aesthetic without sacrificing your comfort.

Custom Windows

We also offer a custom range of our double glazed uPVC windows, meaning you don’t have to compromise on quality or your desired style. These include bay windows, corner windows and other custom options. ​To ensure that all the windows in your home are double-glazed for optimum insulation, our uPVC double-glazed windows can be customised to suit all kinds of styles and architectural designs. From bay to corner to arched to raked, we cater to almost any window design.

​Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Optimal Year-Round Insulation

Instead of just reducing heat loss or gain, quality double glazing is equally effective during both the cold and hot seasons, which keeps the home warmer during winter and cooler during summer, giving you optimal insulation all year round!

​The built-in insulation from double glazing acts as a thermal barrier between your home and the outside environment, minimising the need for artificial heating and cooling

Automatic Soundproofing

​As an added bonus, double glazing reduces external noise by up to 60% compared to single glazing. Reduced sound pollution from traffic, animals, vehicles, planes, alarms, etc will improve your sleep quality and reduce anxiety and stress, ultimately making your home more peaceful and relaxing.

Better For Your Wallet & The Environment

With half of the residential energy consumption going towards heating and cooling our homes, energy costs in Australian households are continuing to skyrocket. Do yourself a favour: switch to double-glazed windows.

Not only do double-glazed windows significantly reduce your energy bills—you can expect over 20% energy savings compared to single-glazed windows—the energy efficiency also helps reduce your carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both you and the environment!

Boosts Your Home's Value

Upgrading your windows to modern uPVC double-glazed windows will give your property an instantly refreshed aesthetic, boosting its kerb appeal and real estate value. Besides its innovative engineering, uPVC double-glazed windows are available in a wide range of modern and functional designs to suit all types of architectural styles.

Not only do double-glazed windows significantly reduce your energy bills—you can expect over 20% energy savings compared to single-glazed windows—the energy efficiency also helps reduce your carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both you and the environment!

Why You Need uPVC Windows in Melbourne

The reasons to invest in our quality windows fall into two categories: function and style. The functional benefits start with your bank account. We offer a free quote so we’re transparent with our pricing and there are no hidden costs. Once your windows are installed, they’re covered for 10 years by the manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck paying out if something goes wrong. uPVC windows are very sturdy though, so we doubt you’ll need the warranty. With energy costs creeping up all the time, we’re sure you’ll relish the heating and cooling cost savings uPVC double-glazed windows can bring. They provide insulation in the form of an extra barrier between your home and the elements. This means that they help when it’s hot and cold. Compared to single-glazed windows, our windows can prevent heat loss or gain by around 30%. This can save you up to 20% on your yearly bills. How will you spend that extra money? As if all these savings weren’t enough, our beautiful new windows will also add value to your home if you choose to sell in the future. Read More
Our double glazed windows in Melbourne will also bring you valuable peace of mind. They’ll add soundproofing from busy roads and loud animals leading to better sleep and therefore an improved mood. Our products also pass the thorough Australian standards with flying colours, so you know you’re getting quality windows that are up to the task. Our windows are also rated up to BAL40 for bushfires so if you start seeing embers outside, then window damage is one less thing to worry about. We also promised there were style reasons to choose our uPVC windows. When designing the perfect image of your home, we think windows should fit into it. That’s why we offer multiple finishes, such as timber for a classic look, multiple glass choices, and several different closing options. If you have a unique space, we also offer custom double glazed windows to fit arches, corners, and more.

Proudly Australian-Made Windows

We’re using a multi chamber technology, typically used in colder European climates to achieve the most effective insulation. All our products are made right here in Melbourne and are compliant with Australian standards. By choosing our uPVC windows and uPVC doors you’re also making the best choice for the environment. Cutting down on the heating and cooling costs in your home will reduce your carbon footprint. uPVC is a green material choice as it can be recycled up to 7 times and stay just as strong. We’ve taken our commitment to the climate one step further and we plant a tree for each order we receive, keeping this beautiful country we call home green and lush for years to come.

Testimonials That Prove Our uPVC Windows Work

Don’t just take our word for it. We have a testimonials page on our website so you can see what our happy customers think of our windows and service. You can also check out our glowing Google reviews. If you have more questions or are ready to get started, use our ‘get a free quote’ button, or contact our friendly team on 1300 982 924 or info@thermaldoubleglazing.com.au Read Less

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