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Double Glazing- How Does It Work?

Most homes in Australia and around Melbourne have insulation in the walls and roof. This means that the majority of heat loss and gain into your home is through your windows and doors. So why do very few homes have uPVC double glazed windows and doors?

You could think of double glazing as insulating your windows and doors. If it is hot and cold enough to warrant insulating your walls, why not your windows?

Double glazing works by providing a type of insulating gap between the two panes of glass. The double glazed glass unit has a gap between the inner and outer panes of glass. This gap is filled with Argon gas, which has much better thermal properties than air. Quality double glazing will prevent condensation from forming inside your home when it is warmer inside than out.

The interior pane of glass is Low E glass, which further acts to stop heat escaping out through your windows in winter when it is colder outside than in.

Our  uPVC profile double glazing is far superior than timber or traditional aluminium products as the uPVC frame is very stable and therefore suffers from minimal expansion and contraction with temperature change. Timber frames move much more due to the nature of timber, meaning that the double glazing is not as stable and more likely to fail. Aluminium is not suitable (unless thermally broken with a polyamide core) because aluminium is a metal, meaning that heat will be conducted through the frame itself.

How a uPVC Double Glazed Window is Constructed...

Window Frame

uPVC frame holds the opening window sash and fixes the window to the building structure

Window Sash

uPVC sash is the moving element of the window allowing you to open and close the window

Glazing Bead

uPVC beads are installed after the glass unit is installed. The beads hold the glass in place. Our windows are internally beaded for added security

Rubber Gaskets

Co-extruded rubber gaskets ensure superior thermal performance and noise reduction

Steel Reinforcement

Integrated into the frame and sash for increased load bearing capacity and fire rating

Glass Unit

Crystal clear double glazed glass unit. Exterior 4mm toughened glass pane, 16mm argon gas filled gap, 4mm Low E toughened glass interior pane

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