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Does Double Glazing Keep Heat Out?

Summers in Australia can sometimes be very challenging due to the extreme heat. In order to counter this, some people simply put on the air conditioning fully to help keep indoor temperatures bearable. This, however, can be an expensive practice, especially given today’s high energy prices,  so a more affordable alternative is often sought.

The question many people ask is ‘does double glazing reduce heat loss and gain?’ and the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The main purpose of double glazing has always been to do exactly that and so developments in technology have made doors and windows increasingly effective at reducing heat loss and gain. However, double glazing also has many other benefits that are almost as important.

How Do Double Glazed Windows Prevent Heat Loss?

Double glazing comprises two panes of glass that are bonded together with a space in between so the panes don’t actually touch. This space is normally filled with argon or some other inert gas and the whole unit is hermetically sealed so there’s no danger of any leakage.

Each glass unit is fixed into a window frame, which is most commonly a UPVC frame these days, and is held firmly in place with rubber seals so there are no gaps or cracks. Similarly, the frame is sealed around when properly installed to ensure no air can leak through.

The principle of double glazing is that the two panes of glass mean that the interior and exterior of a property are kept physically separate and the gas-filled gap provides a thermal barrier that restricts the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of a property. The sealed nature of modern frames also helps to prevent heat transference.

Most people think only of double glazing helping to keep homes warm in winter by retaining heat within the property and not letting cold air in. However, it is equally effective during the summer because it can restrict the amount of heat that enters a property while retaining cool air inside and so keep rooms cooler. It is, therefore, effective in all seasons and climates since it is able to maintain stable temperatures within buildings and so make them much more comfortable all year round.



Achieving Optimum Double Glazing Performance

To ensure you get the maximum benefit from double glazing, you must:

    • choose high quality windows that are made from the best components, including low-emissivity glass that lets natural light enter while reflecting back heat

    • have the windows installed correctly by a professional double glazing installer to ensure they are fully airtight and perform most effectively

    • keep your windows well maintained and ensure that the seals and other components don’t deteriorate.

Heat gain and loss will be affected by local weather conditions and the orientation of the windows. However, double glazing is generally reckoned to reduce heat loss and gain by up to 30%, which can often be improved by installing thicker glass with a wider gap between the panes.

In addition to significantly reducing heat gain and loss so that you are much more comfortable all year round, double glazing has various other benefits:

    • You will need to use your heating less in winter and will be able to reduce the need for air conditioning in summer, thus lowering your energy bills as well as your impact on the environment.

    • As well as reducing heat transfer, the gas-filled gap in double glazing also acts as an acoustic barrier so that noise from outside is lessened and you have a quieter life, which will benefit your health.

    • Double glazing reduces the amount of harmful UV rays entering your property so that carpets, curtains and furniture aren’t faded by the rays.

    • Since the inside glass pane will be much warmer than for a single glazed window, condensation in winter is less likely and so mould growth on the glass and window frames will be avoided.

Modern uPVC double glazed windows are much harder to break into due to their extra layer of toughened glass and multi-point locking systems so your property will be more secure and you are better protected.

Only the Best will Do

If you are to get full benefit from your double glazing, never cut corners by buying cheap units and having them installed by someone who is not fully experienced and qualified. You will inevitably regret it because the units won’t perform properly and will deteriorate quickly. The phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is very relevant when buying double glazing because you will be replacing your cheap windows much earlier than expected and so incurring additional costs.

You should always view double glazing as an investment that will repay you in dividends. But you’ll only get the biggest dividends if you invest wisely.

Whilst price is important for anything you buy, it should not be the most important factor when buying double glazing. Quality of product and installation are absolutely crucial although you obviously want them at an affordable price. What you’re interested in are performance, durability and long-term good looks so that the comfort and appearance of your property are enhanced for many years.

At Thermal Double Glazing, we can assure you of all of that. Our whole company is based on quality of product and service, and that starts with the free assessment and quotation that are provided with no obligation to you. We will correctly install custom-made double glazed windows and uPVC doors that are right for your needs and will fit exactly. And we’ll follow that up with excellent after-sales service that will keep your double glazing in prime condition for many years to come.

So, to improve your comfort and reduce your energy bills at all times of the year, contact us today to start the process.

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