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Why Choose uPVC

What is uPVC Double Glazing & Why It's the Smart Choice...

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and has been used extensively in the building industry for many years. This is mainly due to its durability, cost effectiveness, versatility and its low energy production method.

The vast majority of the worlds windows are now uPVC double glazed, and have been for many years in places such as the UK and US. That percentage is constantly growing, especially here in Melbourne and Australia wide, where uPVC double glazing is relatively new…

​Designed and formulated with added UV stabilisers. These ensure our uPVC remains stable and robust, even under the harsh Australian sun.

uPVC is the Smartest Choice for All Double Glazing, Both for Residential and Commercial Uses For a Number of Reasons…

  • Durable UV stable and hard wearing. uPVC does not degrade, corrode, crack rot or rust
  • uPVC does not require regular maintenance such as painting
  • uPVC has minimal expansion and contraction which means it is the most stable material to house a quality double glazed unit. Timber and aluminium double glazing suffers from condensation between the panes of glass and does not work or last well.
  • uPVC does not conduct energy like aluminium, meaning uPVC double glazed frames are the most energy efficient windows and doors.
  • Low energy production method and recyclability make them the eco-friendly choice
  • Superior European technology
  • Large range of colours and textured including timber and aluminium look finishes
  • Fully made to measure in almost any shape or design
  • Cost effective and reduces energy bills
  • Significantly reduces internal noise
  • Multi point locking system for high security
  • Toughened glass double glazed units as standard
  • Made from salt, uPVC is recyclable up to seven times. without any compromises of material quality. ​Given its high salt content, it will not corrode in areas close to the ocean, such as the Mornington Peninsula.

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