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uPVC Sliding Windows

Fresh air flow with uPVC sliding Windows

Fresh air flow through your home is great for your health! Maximise the ventilation through your home with our smart sliding window systems, whilst maintaining industry leading sealing and thermal efficiency when closed… Sliding window systems are the perfect solution for areas where space is limited. There is a lot more to windows than many people think. It’s only when you come to order some that you have to think about exactly what you want. Take uPVC double glazed sliding windows, for instance. That’s three decisions in one small phrase. In places where the weather is less predictable than in other parts of the country such as Melbourne, double glazing is pretty much standard nowadays. The climate dictates that we pay attention to our domestic comfort, which starts with the temperature.

Why Choose Double Glazed for Sliding Windows?

Like a lot of brilliant ideas, double glazing only seems simple because somebody else came up with it and we now have proof that it works. When you think about it, having two panes of glass with a small gap between them is not an obvious way of preventing heat or cold transmission through a window. Given the task of addressing this issue, most of us would probably have gone for one very thick pane, but someone somewhere thought about incorporating that gap, filled with either air or a gas with a space-age, slightly spooky name like argon. And it works. The gap impedes the penetration of heat or cold through the glass. It also, by the way, improves soundproofing, so not only are you keeping out the cold air on a chilly day, but you’re also reducing the sound of traffic or whatever amounts to noise pollution where you live. Read More

Why uPVC for Double Glazed Sliding Windows?

Once upon a time, window frames were all made of wood. It was plentiful, easy to work with and good looking, either in its natural state or painted. But it rots. Wood decays over time and given its positioning in a window setting – out there in the rain, sun and wind – it decays much more quickly than it would indoors. Windows innovators tried metal instead, and iron window frames must have seemed like a triumph until the rust started, but there are few things uglier or more dysfunctional than a rusty, imprecise, juddering iron frame. So they tried aluminium, which is actually a bit soft for the job and relies on the glass itself to add rigidity. But it worked up to a point, didn’t have the rusting or decaying problem and was not unattractive to look at. Still not the perfect solution, though. Meanwhile, development was continuing with uPVC to produce a more rigid material than standard PVC, and it turned out to be the ideal material for window frames. uPVC sliding windows are tough, durable, and easy enough for skilled workers to make up any size and shape a customer could want, and a piece of uPVC is a handsome thing, either in its usual white or any number of other colours. Now you can get timber double glazed windows without the disadvantages of real wood, black options and even aluminium look double glazed windows. At Thermal Double Glazing we are not only able to adapt the uPVC colour, we specialise in custom double glazed windows which means we are able to fit sliding windows for any space.

Why Sliding Windows?

The sash window was one of the early successes in the days when it actually featured a sash or length of rope that lent some mobility to the process. And sash windows didn’t get in the way when they were open: they just went up and down, because gravity didn’t favour side-to-side movement. Today’s window technology, though, particularly with uPVC, makes horizontal sliding double glazed windows perfect in terms of convenience. Open them a few inches for a bit of ventilation and they stay in that position. Open them wide and you can let in as much of the day as you want. uPVC sliding windows at Thermal Double Glazing have all the answers. Read Less

Product Features

​Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Optimal Year-Round Insulation

Instead of just reducing heat loss or gain, quality double glazing is equally effective during both the cold and hot seasons, which keeps the home warmer during winter and cooler during summer, giving you optimal insulation all year round!

​The built-in insulation from double glazing acts as a thermal barrier between your home and the outside environment, minimising the need for artificial heating and cooling

Automatic Soundproofing

​As an added bonus, double glazing reduces external noise by up to 60% compared to single glazing. Reduced sound pollution from traffic, animals, vehicles, planes, alarms, etc will improve your sleep quality and reduce anxiety and stress, ultimately making your home more peaceful and relaxing.

Better For Your Wallet & The Environment

With half of the residential energy consumption going towards heating and cooling our homes, energy costs in Australian households are continuing to skyrocket. Do yourself a favour: switch to double-glazed windows.

Not only do double-glazed windows significantly reduce your energy bills—you can expect over 20% energy savings compared to single-glazed windows—the energy efficiency also helps reduce your carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both you and the environment!

Boosts Your Home's Value

Upgrading your windows to modern uPVC double-glazed windows will give your property an instantly refreshed aesthetic, boosting its kerb appeal and real estate value. Besides its innovative engineering, uPVC double-glazed windows are available in a wide range of modern and functional designs to suit all types of architectural styles.

Not only do double-glazed windows significantly reduce your energy bills—you can expect over 20% energy savings compared to single-glazed windows—the energy efficiency also helps reduce your carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both you and the environment!

technical Details

Compliant with Australian Standards

Uw=0.99 W/m2K with standard-triple-glazing with Ug=0.6 and Psi=0.040 W/mK

Uf=1.3 W/m2K

Uw=0.76 W/m2K best possible option with triple glazing with Ug=0.4 and Psi=0.030 W/mK

Up to 41 mm glazing

Wide range of laminations available

5 chamber profile

Concealed drainage is possible

Up to RC2 burglary protection

Up to 45dB (sound protection class 4)

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