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Custom Double-Glazed Windows

We Give You the Option of Custom Double-Glazed Windows

Window work is not one of the more celebrated disciplines involved in architecture or interior design, and that’s a shame because windows are so important to the overall look and ambience of a building. Why should windows be less revered than doors, ceilings and roofs? Apart from the stained-glass beauties in churches, why are windows ignored? Custom-made double glazed windows can revolutionise your property in a way that once wasn’t even dreamed of. Perhaps it is all to do with their very functionality: windows are put in to allow light to enter from outside and to enable us to see out, but if you look at it from the builder’s point of view hundreds of years ago, they must have represented weakness and vulnerability. Keep the marauders and the elements out, that was their attitude. Darkness? They were used to it. Fast forward to today and glass is a hugely popular building material, with many of the world’s new office buildings made of it. It has strength that belies its traditional fragility. You can rely on glass now. Custom-made uPVC windows mean all things are possible. Read More

Custom uPVC Double Glazed Windows transform any space

If you are building something new, why not be adventurous with the windows? Purely functional rectangles may still be the standard format, but there is an endless variety to be had, and imagination is the only limiting factor. You can illuminate an entire stairwell, make every room a sunroom or stylise a window with a criss-cross pattern that makes it look Dickensian – and the bizarre thing is, because it’s a solid, custom double-glazed window, it has an inherent strength that a small piece of old-fashioned glass didn’t have. Businesses have been known to come into conflict with local authorities because the owner wanted to replace those cute but breakable squares with a big strong pane that makes the smash-and-grab attack a thing of the past. But the point is, you can still have that look with uPVC double glazing if you want.

Surround Your Panes with Strength and the Good Looks of Custom Made Double Glazed Windows

The advent of uPVC has added still further to the wonderful world of windows. This is the material the new glass was waiting for, certainly in domestic and commercial settings. Our craftsmen can make any size and shape of window: you tell us what you want, and we can do it. It doesn’t have to be plain white, either. uPVC frames for modern double glazed windows and doors can come in a range of colours from cream to various wood-effect shades to grey and even black. If aluminium look double glazed windows is what floats your boat, we at Thermal Double Glazing can produce that too.

Upgrading a Property with Custom Made uPVC Windows

If you’re doing some work on a building that’s a few years old, the glass and uPVC revolution gives you the possibility of changing things up. Replace a row of smallish windows with one big replacement window for a panoramic view, if you like. Have wide, short windows or narrow, tall ones. And they come with multi-point locking mechanisms for extra security. And finally, on the very 21st-century note of sustainability, uPVC can be recycled seven times with no reduction in strength and quality. However you want them configured, custom-made double-glazed windows simply make sense. Read Less

Casement & Awning Windows

Our casement (hinged from the side) and awning (hinged from the top) windows are versatile and can be made to suit any design. Ideal for maximising airflow into the home, uPVC double-glazed casement windows open outwards like a door. Awning windows, on the other hand, are hinged at the top but open outwards from the bottom, providing excellent sheltered ventilation, even during bad weather conditions.s.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a fantastic option for people looking to easily control the airflow in their home. These highly flexible European-style uPVC double-glazed windows offer both security and airflow with multiple functions and locking positions. Incredibly versatile, tilt & turn windows feature two opening options: at a simple turn of the handle, they tilt inwards from the top for ventilation and airflow, or open inwards like a door, for better airflow and easy cleaning. One window, many options

Sliding Windows

Ideal for rooms where space is limited, our uPVC double-glazed sliding windows are perfect for ensuring fresh airflow in places that prevent traditional inward or outward-opening windows. Multi-functional, these sliding windows save space while providing ventilation when open, and create energy efficiency when closed.

Timber Look Windows

Our industry-leading uPVC windows look even better with a beautiful timber finish, enhances the value of your home and adds both style and function. For homeowners who prefer timber-look windows but want to experience the full effects of double-glazing, we’re pleased to offer our special range of uPVC double-glazed windows with authentic timber finishing. Now you can maintain the warm natural aesthetic without sacrificing your comfort.

Custom Windows

We also offer a custom range of our double glazed uPVC windows, meaning you don’t have to compromise on quality or your desired style. These include bay windows, corner windows and other custom options. ​To ensure that all the windows in your home are double-glazed for optimum insulation, our uPVC double-glazed windows can be customised to suit all kinds of styles and architectural designs. From bay to corner to arched to raked, we cater to almost any window design.

​Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Optimal Year-Round Insulation

Instead of just reducing heat loss or gain, quality double glazing is equally effective during both the cold and hot seasons, which keeps the home warmer during winter and cooler during summer, giving you optimal insulation all year round!

​The built-in insulation from double glazing acts as a thermal barrier between your home and the outside environment, minimising the need for artificial heating and cooling

Automatic Soundproofing

​As an added bonus, double glazing reduces external noise by up to 60% compared to single glazing. Reduced sound pollution from traffic, animals, vehicles, planes, alarms, etc will improve your sleep quality and reduce anxiety and stress, ultimately making your home more peaceful and relaxing.

Better For Your Wallet & The Environment

With half of the residential energy consumption going towards heating and cooling our homes, energy costs in Australian households are continuing to skyrocket. Do yourself a favour: switch to double-glazed windows.

Not only do double-glazed windows significantly reduce your energy bills—you can expect over 20% energy savings compared to single-glazed windows—the energy efficiency also helps reduce your carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both you and the environment!

Boosts Your Home's Value

Upgrading your windows to modern uPVC double-glazed windows will give your property an instantly refreshed aesthetic, boosting its kerb appeal and real estate value. Besides its innovative engineering, uPVC double-glazed windows are available in a wide range of modern and functional designs to suit all types of architectural styles.

Not only do double-glazed windows significantly reduce your energy bills—you can expect over 20% energy savings compared to single-glazed windows—the energy efficiency also helps reduce your carbon footprint, making it a win-win for both you and the environment!

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