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Double Glaze Existing Windows

Retrofitting Double-Glazed Windows in Melbourne?

Advances in technology can be very beneficial when it comes to renovating a property and adding double glazing is a perfect example. If this is an old building, as charming as it may look, previous owners and tenants may have found it less than ideal because during cooler, windy weather it was cold and draughty. Those are not words that should exist in connection with a building in this day and age, when windows and doors can be fitted with precision and double glazing keeps the cold air out and the warm air in. Draughty buildings are just not acceptable anymore, and if you are renovating, you can banish the problem at a stroke. There is another factor to consider, though. Retrofitting the existing windows with double glazing or opting for a complete replacement?

The Downside of Retrofitting Double-Glazed Windows in Melbourne

Double glazing can make a big difference in terms of comfort and lower fuel bills, but it needs to improve a building’s ambience without spoiling its appearance. Since double-glazing existing windows means replacing the window sash but maintaining the existing window frame, this comes with a major downside. Even though adding double glazing to existing windows has lower upfront costs, it means that the frame remains the same. Old existing frames especially wooden ones often show signs of rot, not only compromising the frame’s structural integrity but also its energy efficiency. A complete replacement with double glazed windows on the other hand means replacing the inefficient old sash and frame with great new ones for improved energy efficiency and overall health of the building. As a bonus, double glazing adds an element of soundproofing because good double-glazed units reduce noise penetration in the same way as they do with temperature. Read More

Upgrading your Existing Windows with Double-Glazed uPVC ones

If you’ve decided that rather than retrofitting existing double-glazed windows you would like to completely replace your existing windows with superior uPVC double glazing you will be able to take advantage of all the great benefits uPVC has to offer. But what are the benefits of uPVC double glazing apart from enhanced energy efficiency? If you think solely of performance, you’re ignoring appearance, which can be important, especially with windows that can be seen by passersby or neighbours. Your new windows should enhance the appearance of the property without looking like a pair of flashy new wraparound sunglasses on a distinguished elderly lady. We can help you with that because the versatility of our products means our double glazing experts can reproduce the style of the old windows. Our custom windows are available in a range of different colours to match your home and give it a refreshed look. Buildings in some countries – France, for instance – may be able to pull off the shabby-chic look, but in most cases, new and smart are the words that should apply. Your windows are also a key factor in the building’s structural integrity, so good new windows and frames are going to help prolong the life of your bricks and mortar. Thermal Double Glazing have been in this business long enough to know what is going to work and what isn’t, so if you have concerns about the appearance of new windows, by all means, contact us to talk about it. We provide double glazing on the Mornington Peninsula and around Melbourne. So, here’s the plan: double-glaze existing windows or opt to replace your windows with double glazing to benefit from all that uPVC double glazing has to offer. With our skilled workers on the case, the process is carried out with surgical precision and minimal disruption.

Adding Value to Your Home With Brand New Windows

If you’re planning to hold onto your property for the foreseeable future, you will want to keep it properly maintained, and a little money spent now can avoid a much bigger outlay later on. If you’re thinking of selling it at some point, you will be much more likely to find a buyer willing to pay your price if it’s in good condition. Double glazing, whether through brand new uPVC replacement windows or retrofit double glazed windows, will add value to a property, it’s as simple as that. Read Less

Why Choose Upvc Double Glazing?

Live Comfortably. Save Energy.

Sound & Thermal Insulation

Also known as insulated glazing, double glazing is the use of two panes of glass to reduce noise and heat transmission in windows and doors.

Durable & Hard Wearing

uPVC is specially designed and formulated with added UV stabilisers to ensure that our products remain stable and robust even under the harsh Australian sun.

Sustainable & Recyclable

uPVC can be recycled up to seven times without any compromises in terms of material quality.

Exceeds Australian Standards ​U 1.0 - 2.3

With double glazing, we use argon to fill the gap between the panes, dramatically reducing transmission of heat and sound.

High Security

Our products come with multi point locking systems and toughened glass as standard, giving you piece of mind that your home is safe & secure.

Low Maintenance

Primarily made from salt, uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the best window and door material today.

BAL 40 Bushfire Rated

Certified up to BAL 40 with appropriate screening solution

Custom Made for Your Existing Home or New Build

Made locally in Melbourne to suit your design, colour, glass & budget requirements.

10 Year Warranty

Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty instead of industry standard of 7 years.


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