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At Thermal Double Glazing, we are committed to providing world-class innovation for Australian homes and projects, through our highly superior window and doors systems. Our focus is to provide these high quality products, along with a strong focus on exceptional customer experiences. We strive to meet the unique needs and preferences of every client. Our team of experts is committed to delivering excellence and maintaining a reputation for reliability and professionalism. Through continuous improvement and adaptability, we aim to stay at the forefront of our industry and offer cutting-edge solutions that cater to evolving market demands. We seek to make a positive impact on the community and contribute to sustainable practices. Ultimately, our mission is to be a trusted and preferred choice for our customers, providing them with a valuable experience and making a meaningful difference in their lives. Read More
Our uPVC double glazed windows and doors are carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and aesthetics. We take great pride in offering a range of products that cater to various needs and preferences of our customers. Our products embody a blend of innovation, quality and customer-centricity. We aim to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers and make a positive impact on their lives through our products.

uPVC Double Glazing Made in Melbourne with the Unsung Hero of Modern Materials

Sometimes a simple word prevents something from receiving the respect it deserves. uPVC is a good example. We are all familiar with PVC and many people will know it stands for polyvinyl chloride. It is lumped in with all the other plastics, with their flimsy, throwaway characteristics. But that does uPVC a terrible injustice. The u at the start stands for unplasticised, and what this means is that uPVC is more rigid, tougher and worthy of a place among the more respected materials, such as metal and timber. If you talk of double glazing in Melbourne, many homeowners and builders are only yet to discover the benefits of uPVC double glazing and still relying on inferior products such as aluminium. While other countries have long discovered the benefits of uPVC double glazed windows, it has gained more popularity across Australia within recent years. But what does that really mean? Let’s analyse this thing that has transformed domestic comfort all over the world.

How does uPVC Double Glazing Work in the Melbourne Weather?

Heat and cold have a way of penetrating materials, and double glazing was invented to put a slight gap between two panes of glass, interrupting the heat or cold penetration. So, that’s the glass doing its thermal job. But what about the frame, the part that surrounds the glass? Looking for a superior material to wood, which has a tendency to rot over the years, double glazing installers began to use aluminium, which retains its integrity while good old wood gets old and weak. The trouble with aluminium is that it is a good conductor of heat and cold, so the temperature outside creeps through the frame itself and into the building. When you’ve installed double glazing to avoid that, using aluminium is like shooting yourself in the foot. uPVC double glazed windows have proven to solve this issue effectively. Tough, durable, and resistant to temperature transfer. And good looking! Tested and trusted worldwide for decades, double glazed uPVC, is a material particularly well-suited for Melbourne’s variable climate. uPVC double glazed doors and uPVC windows in Melbourne are here to stay – in more ways than one.

uPVC Double Glazing Doesn’t Have to be Plain White

uPVC double glazing is everywhere now. We take it for granted. But did you know it can be made in various colours? We do cream, various shades of timber look windows such as brown, grey or black. Because some people like the look of aluminium look windows, we offer that look too, but with the unique properties of uPVC, the king of double glazing materials. So the next time you’re out and about, pay attention to the windows you pass. Some of the most attractive buildings in the city are examples of double glazing in Melbourne. And the great thing is that they’re still going to look great and work well in all respects many years from now.

Getting Double Glazing Installed in Melbourne Puts You One Step Ahead

You know the old saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”? You could apply that to buildings. Part of the appeal of Melbourne for many people is the fact that it is a “real” place with a proper climate. And that means it is not relentlessly hot and sunny. The temperature varies and sometimes we have a drop of rain, which is good for the plants, the gardens and the environment in general. It’s only a problem if you’re not prepared for it, and as regards your home, that means having windows that can regulate the changes through double glazing. uPVC windows in Melbourne, Victoria give you control. They keep the heat out when it’s a bit much and the cold out when that’s threatening to put a dampener on your day. They even do a job on the exterior noise factor, reducing it by up to 60% as opposed to conventional single-glazed windows. But it’s the temperature regulation that makes our double-glazed windows in Melbourne so popular. Double glazing technology uses that little gap between the panes to stop temperature changes in their tracks. And with side-hinged (casement) or top-hinged options, plus double glazed sliding windows and tilt-and-turn versions, you are in control of the conditions in your home.

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So whether you are looking for replacement double glazed windows for an existing building, double glazing sliding doors for a new build or a custom uPVC double glazing solution, get in touch today to book in a free consultation. We can help you find the perfect solution for double glazed windows on the Mornington Peninsula and across Melbourne. You can call us, email or fill in the online form to request a Quote on uPVC windows in Melbourne Victoria and we’ll get back to you. Then you can make your home’s climate perfect for you. Read Less


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When it comes to double glazing, we know our stuff. But there’s a lot more to replacing your old windows than the product itself. 

Our mission is to help people create comfortable, safe homes. We do this by combining high performance double glazing with quality workmanship during the installation.

We aim to get nothing but 5 star reviews. 

Not because we want to brag about (although we will). We want these reviews because it means we have done everything in our power to ensure our customers get not only a great product, but a wonderful experience throughout the entire process. And the comfortable home they are dreaming of!

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Discover The Benefits Of Thermal Double Glazing

Australian Made For Australian Homes

Proudly partnered with Aluplast Germany, we offer the latest in uPVC style and technology, manufactured locally in Melbourne

Our double glazed windows and doors are the ideal choice for your new build or to replace your existing windows with a secure and thermally efficient option.


Why Choose Upvc Double Glazing?

Live Comfortably. Save Energy.

Sound & Thermal Insulation

Also known as insulated glazing, double glazing is the use of two panes of glass to reduce noise and heat transmission in windows and doors.

Durable & Hard Wearing

uPVC is specially designed and formulated with added UV stabilisers to ensure that our products remain stable and robust even under the harsh Australian sun.

Sustainable & Recyclable

uPVC can be recycled up to seven times without any compromises in terms of material quality.

Exceeds Australian Standards ​U 1.0 - 2.3

With double glazing, we use argon to fill the gap between the panes, dramatically reducing transmission of heat and sound.

High Security

Our products come with multi point locking systems and toughened glass as standard, giving you piece of mind that your home is safe & secure.

Low Maintenance

Primarily made from salt, uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is the best window and door material today.

BAL 40 Bushfire Rated

Certified up to BAL 40 with appropriate screening solution

Custom Made for Your Existing Home or New Build

Made locally in Melbourne to suit your design, colour, glass & budget requirements.

10 Year Warranty

Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty instead of industry standard of 7 years.


Be Part Of The Sustainable Building Solution

Plant-a-Tree Program

With every order, Thermal Double Glazing will plant a native tree on your behalf. You order will contribute to rebuilding our Australian eco system and reducing our carbon footprint. We have partnered with a brilliant organisation called Carbon Neutral, turning emissions into trees. Carbon Neutral carries out large-scale revegetation of degraded farmlands. The Thermal Plant-a-Tree plantings include mixed native species in the Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor. So not only will installing our uPVC windows and doors into your new home, or replacing your old windows, ensure your home is thermally comfortable year round, but you will also help contribute to a greener Australia.


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Live Comfortably. Save Energy.

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