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How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost in Australia

With energy costs at an extremely high level and a return to cheap energy being most unlikely, many people are looking at double glazing as a means of reducing their energy bills. This is particularly relevant when double glazed windows and doors also offer increased security, a reduction in noise pollution and improved comfort levels […]

Does Double Glazing Reduce Noise?

Most people who install double glazed windows do so to improve energy efficiency. By reducing heat loss and heat gain through their windows, they ensure indoor temperatures are more constant, increase comfort levels and reduce their reliance on heating and cooling systems, thus saving money.A secondary benefit of double glazing is that it reduces exterior […]

What are the Benefits of Double Glazed Windows?

Windows can enhance your home, give you a connection to the outside world and let in natural light. But, if they’re old and single glazed, they can also let in the cold in winter and unwanted heat in summer, so double glazed ones will be better. Changing your windows from single to double glazed is […]

Does Double Glazing Keep Heat Out?

Does Double Glazing Keep Heat Out? Summers in Australia can sometimes be very challenging due to the extreme heat. In order to counter this, some people simply put on the air conditioning fully to help keep indoor temperatures bearable. This, however, can be an expensive practice, especially given today’s high energy prices,  so a more […]

Is Your Cold House Affecting Your Health?

Are you sitting at home rugged up like a mountain climber about to scale Everest? Feel like it’s 10 degrees colder inside your home than out? Listening to the constant drone of your heater melting away your hard-earned dollars…? Well, you’re not alone… Many Australian homes are dangerously cold which, concerningly, could be affecting more […]

The Block 2022- Completed

What a season The Block 2022- Tree Change was! We would like to offer a huge congratulations to the teams at Thermotek and Aluplast for the mammoth effort in completing The Block 2022. The windows and doors look absolutely fabulous and we are sure the new owners of these stunning properties in the Macedon Ranges […]

The block 2022- Week One Reveals Completed

After the stunning week one reveals on The Block 2022- Tree Change, we would like to congratulate our partners, Aluplast and Thermotek, on their hard work and a brilliant first week. Official window and door suppliers, manufacturers and installers for The Block 2022- Tree Change. ​ This year, The Block is focussed around sustainable and […]

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